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ID# Date Home Visitor H V Status
9761 12/13/2018 10Detroit Tigers (MLB)(AcA) 9House Baratheon Ours is the Fury n/a n/a Playing
3002 12/13/2018 9SMITHEREENS (SBD) UCLA 9Alabama Taters (SBD) n/a n/a Playing
8964 12/13/2018 9Demons VT 9LAKER LEGENDS/MIAMI n/a n/a Playing
9153 12/13/2018 9SMITHEREENS (SBD) UCLA 9Goodfellas/CAL n/a n/a Playing
9760 12/13/2018 10Detroit Tigers (MLB)(AcA) 9House Targaryen - Fire and Blood n/a n/a Playing
9759 12/13/2018 10Detroit Tigers (MLB)(AcA) 9Stormlight Archive n/a n/a Playing
9758 12/13/2018 10Detroit Tigers (MLB)(AcA) 9House Greyjoy - We Do Not Sow n/a n/a Playing

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